Submissions Due
Wednesday, November 4th at 12 pm PT

I'm so happy you want to be a part of the training program and to continue to grow as an artist. If you are admitted to the program, dues are $250 USD and will be collected at the top of each month similar to a subscription and you will be a part of it for as long as you wish.

To submit, please create a video that includes all of the following elements below.

I'm excited to meet you!

— Diana

1. Introduce Yourself

I want to hear directly from you. Tell me...

+ Name, age and city you live in
+ How long have you been dancing and how did you get into it?
+ What’s your goal with dancing?
+ What’s your biggest flaw? Your best quality?
+ What’s the biggest challenge you had to face in life?
+ Tell me something you feel I should know about you.
+ Name 3 favorite dancers and why?
+ Finish the phrase: A complete dancer is...

2. Choreography

Being able to execute choreography is key. Please record yourself dancing any of my choreography that is available online. Have fun with it and commit.

3. Freestyle

I want to see how you freely move. Choose a song that inspires you and groove. Please keep it to 1 minute max.

4. Upload Your Video

+ Please be sure to edit the footage into one video
+ Upload your submission to your YouTube account as UNLISTED
+ Fill out the form below along with your video link

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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