Lisa began her dance training at Giacobbe Academy of Dance in New Orleans, LA. It was there that she
learned most of what she teaches now. She also trained with The Mississippi Ballet where she began
her professional career at the age of 16. She went back to New Orleans & joined Delta Festival Ballet,
the professional company of Giacobbe Academy of Dance, where she was lucky enough to work with
some amazing dancers, coaches & choreographers. When she left New Orleans she went to NYC &
freelanced there helping to create an organization known as New Choreographers on Pointe. After NYC
she moved to Los Angeles where she danced in films & television & concert work including a Disney tour
where she played Snow White.

She started teaching for Stanley Holden when he retired. After taking a break from teaching ballet to
learn Gyrotonic & Pilates she returned to teaching ballet to work with Shaping Sound & Dana Foglia
Dance as well as other commercial entities.