Mr Wiggles is a South Bronx Puerto Rican raised on hip hop since the 70s. He learned his craft on the harsh streets of New York and earned his stripes battle by battle. Wiggles is known for rocking many aspects of hip hop culture.

Wiggles started his career as a dancer by battling throughout the streets of New York City and eventually throughout the world from Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Canada, and on the great stages of Broadway. Wiggles has also been credited with two important movies that helped establish hip hop called, "Beat Street" and "Wild Style".

Wiggles is still learning his craft to this day and will remain a true student of the culture until the day he dies. Wiggles is married to his beautiful wife Zoraya Clemente and has 6 incredible children: Unico, Alexandra, Talib, Ammar, Atiya, and Zamaria (I know that's a lot of kids but he is Puerto Rican so what did you expect).