Coming from an artist family, my
mother was a dancer at a young age,
she did not have the chance to pursue
her dream because of financial matters
and since she knew that I wanted to be
a dancer she never let go so that I can
succeed my dream even though my
father was against it ... At the age of
12, I started dancing with the station
wagon in a youth center called

When I was 13, I joined the "D-Master"
professional choreographer school in
Lausanne for 2 years where I obtained
my diploma.

When I was 15, I continued my
dancing career, touching all styles.
When I was 17, I met Sally Sly who
became my Popping teacher.
During my career, I have participated
in various events, including French TV
. Dance street (French Ò)
. Dance (M6)
In 2015, I joined the group "West
Gang" in France.
In 2019, I am the creator and founder
of the brand "KOOZY.
Also internationally recognized in the
world of battles for my many victories. I
am also called up as a judge,
internship teacher and invited to
participate in battles around the world.