Shawn began his dance journey in the year 2000 and has been developing as an artist for the last 20 years. In that time has performed on many different stages and platforms both locally and internationally.


Shawn teaches regularly classes and workshops and is in particular focused on the continual development of the street dance scene in the UK. He is also the founder of 'A.I.M Collective' the UK's first all female popping crew. 


Shawn competes & judges in both choreography and freestyle competitions. He has travelled worldwide and won titles as a solo dancer, as well as alongside his crews Plague/ Pro-Motion & Fiyah House.


With more than 15 years of travelling, gaining knowledge, experiencing different cultures and learning information from dancers & pioneers within the street dance community, he has developed a unique individual style that has been crafted over many years and represents his distinct image.  


As a versatile dancer within the StreetDance disciplines, his main styles are Popping and Locking, which he regularly teaches workshops in and competes inl worldwide also.

In particular Shawn is focused on educating and developing the next generation of up and coming dancers & artists both in the UK and internationally. 


Choreography / Performances:

London - San Francisco - China - Japan - Charlotte NC - Bahrain - Glasgow - DC - Germany - Italy - Spain and more. 


Competition / Battles:

London - Hamburg - Amsterdam - Las Vegas - Beijing - Tokyo - Osaka - Moscow - New York - Tallin - Vilnius and more. 




MSB battles 2019 - Popping

Battlefield 2018 - Choreography

Shut it down 2018 - Popping

Dance Delight 2018 - Choreography

Rain Jam 2018 - Popping

Dance Delight 2016 - Choreography

World of Dance 2015 - Popping 

Juste Debout 2015 - Locking

Battle the Brave 2014 - All styles

Juste Debout 2013 - Popping 

King Of The Underground 2013 - Popping

HHI world champ 2011 - Choreography