Tash Crudup is a professional dancer and wellness coach based in Los Angeles, CA and is the CEO and founder of Lil Vegan Shawty. Tash grew up on the east coast training intensely in many styles of dance since the age of 3. Being at odds and often mis understood in these environments, Tash clung to all things spirit, health, and wellness for support. Tash began cross training to up her skills and created a lifestyle beyond circumstance and challenge through food and consumption. After high school she moved to LA where she continued to pursue dance, became a cycle and fitness coach, yoga certified, and established as a choreographer. Tash has danced for the likes of Rihanna, Kanye West, Jlo , Lorde and choreographed for Meg thee Stallion, Goldlink, and Tyler the creator. In 2020, Tash put her passion, years of study in health, and community together to create “ Lil Vegan Shawty” , a wellness house that offers resources and information on how to have a more sustainable, conscious, and empathetic experience through health and specifically veganism. LVS offers cooking classes and recipes, volunteer work such as beach cleanups and donations, sustainable fashion tips, group and personal fitness classes, and more. Since launch, Lil Vegan Shawty has been featured in Reebok, collaborated with Nike and has taken on many celebrity clients. Tash’s mission is to expose and give accessibility to the ways body and mind connection can unlock our highest selves.