Born and raised in the D.M.V. Oluwatoyin, better known as Toyin, is a dancer, dance educator, choreographer, and cultural ambassador of Black street and club styles. She has gained the respect as one of the best house dancers of this generation and is perhaps most well-known for earning the distinction of performing, winning and judging some of the top dance competitions in the world, like Juste Debout, Summer Dance Forever and I Love This Dance to name a few. Toyin is now currently touring as one of Omarion’s dancers for the ‘Millennium Tour’.

As an internationally established dancer, Toyin is dedicated to preserving and cultivating the authenticity of hip hop and club culture and their Black traditions. She is also the creator and director of the collective ‘Nefer Global Movement’, a group of actively influential women in the Hip Hop dance scene, celebrating dance, culture and empowering sisterhood.